Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ridge Racer Drift. v1.0 full retail 9Z6RC877MRWZ

[PPC] Ridge Racer Drift. v1.0 full retail
Requirements: WM 5,WM 6,6.5,6.5,X ,All resolutions

Shift into gear and tear up the track in Ridge Racer Drift by Namco! The legendary racing series is back on mobile with all new tracks and high-performance racing machines. Drift around corners and shave precious seconds off your lap time! Build up your Nitrous Meter and blow by the competition!

Get behind the wheel of 9 adrenaline-pumping, high performance racing machines!

6 unique urban street tracks

Five high speed modes! Championship, Time Trial, Challenge, Survival and Mirror.

Share your fastest race times on the leaderboards and facebook!

Pocket PC Windows Mobile 6.5
Pocket PC Windows Mobile 6.1
Pocket PC WVGA resolution (fullscreen 800x480 480x800)
Pocket PC VGA resolution (fullscreen 640x480)


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Crystal Defenders. v1.0 Full ppc

[PPC] Crystal Defenders. v1.0 Full retail
Requirements: WM 5, 6.5,6.5x All resolutions

The fate of the crystals lies in your hands! Sel ect your party from 13 different job classes from Final Fantasy Tactics A2, each with their own unique attacks and abilities. Deploy and uprgrade units and summon Espers to fend off and stop enemy hordes in their tracks! Battle wave after wave of enemies across 12 different maps on your quest to defend the crystals. The decisions are yours!

• Battle 64 unique and relentless monsters

• Share your score and in-game achievements on the online leaderboard!

• Three different versions of the game included: W1, W2 and W3!

Pocket PC Windows Mobile 6.5
Pocket PC Windows Mobile 6.1
Pocket PC WVGA resolution (fullscreen 800x480 480x800)
Pocket PC VGA resolution (fullscreen 640x480)

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

WMWifiRouter v.2.00 build 1502 ppc

[PPC] WMWifiRouter v.2.00 build 1502
Requirements: WM5-6 All resolutions

WMWifiRouter is a tool to use the communicator as a router between WiFi and cellular networks. This will enable devices that support WiFi access to the Internet via the phone channel data

* Share your cellular data/internet connection over wifi
* Connect any wifi-enabled device with ad-hoc mode support
* Supports multiple devices at the same time
* Easy to use: for most users, getting up and running is a matter of a single click
* Power saving: works even when the device is suspended!
* IP, wifi and cellular configuration built-in
* 64- and 128-bit WEP encryption support
* Automatic reconnect on connection loss
* Compatible with almost all recent Windows Mobile devices
* Distinction between basic and advanced users
* Keep-alive support to prevent automatic disconnects for specific carriers
* Battery monitoring and management
* Support for sharing your cellular data connection over bluetooth and usb
* Support for sharing your wifi connection to usb, and vice versa
* Multi-language support
# Ability to feed internet to your normal wireless router, with WPA encryption
# Live traffic statistics
# Live DHCP statistics
# Port mapping support
# DMZ support

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SPB.Wallet.v2.1.2.Build.12109 ppc

Requirements: WM5,6.5, QVGA, VGA, WQVGA, WVGA

SPB Wallet is a secure and manageable storage of sensitive information, such as passport and account numbers, access and PIN codes, logins and passwords. The encrypted and password-protected data can be accessed from Windows PCs, and synchronized with mobile devices.

* Cards look like those in your wallet
* 60+ predefined templates, icons and graphics
* Online Template gallery with 10,000+ cards
* Fully customizable
* Alternative views

* Strong 256-bit AES encryption
* User-friendly logon panel helps against key loggers
* Automatic wallet lockup
* Automatic clipboard cleanup
* Special engine to protect from 'phishing' attacks

* Finger-friendly user interface with smart scrolling, gestures and animation effects
* Auto fill for user name and password in Pocket Internet Explorer
* Smart tags to call/SMS/email/etc
* Quick search
* Password generator

* Easy to use desktop interface
* Import from eWallet, FlexWallet, CodeWallet, SplashID, HandySafe and custom CSV
* Sync with mobile device, file share and Google mailbox
* User name and password auto fill for websites in Firefox and Internet Explorer
* Drag-and-drop for card fields into other applications
* Quick search
* Password generator

Web Integration
* Works with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
* Navigate to your web site quickly
* Fill login info with one click
* Automatic capturing card directly from browser
* Password Generator to make registration quicker and web surfing more secure
* Special engine to protect from 'phishing' attacks

Template Gallery
* 7,000+ most popular card templates
* You can order a new template absolutely FREE
* Integrated to application
* Search by country, card type and keywords

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Palm Heroes 1.05.3 windows phone 6.5

[PPC]Palm Heroes 1.05.3 windows phone 6.5
Requirements: WM 2003,5,6.5,6.5x All resolutions

Palm Heroes - a turn-based strategy game with RPG elements. The principle of the game can be divided into two parts: the development and battle. The first part includes the construction of the castle and the organization of troops. To do this you need resources and gold, which can be found on the map, or get out of the mines. To move forward and seize the territory, you have to fight monsters and other players. To win it is necessary to learn how to combine development and conduct of the war.
Heroes are very important in the game. Gaining experience, they improve their skills and abilities. During the battle, they can cast spells. The development of the characters and everything connected with them is the RPG-part of the game. In most cases, the presence of an experienced hero is crucial to winning the game.
If you like Fantasy games, then Palm Heroes will not leave you indifferent.


* 6 races: Knight, Barbarian, Mage, Warlock, Necromancer and Sorceress.
* 48 characters with 4 basic skills (attack, defense, spell power and knowledge), as well as 22 secondary skills to choose from.
* 7 types of resources (wood, ore, crystals, sulfur, gems, mercury, gold).
* 36 creatures (plus 9 neutral), with different abilities.
* 4 schools of magic (earth, water, air and fire) that include over 40 spells.
* More than 100 unique artifacts.
* The main artifact buried on the map
* More than 70 foreign houses.
* more than 100 maps
* 5 levels of difficulty.
* Multiplayer mode hot-seat, allowing to use a PDA to play several players.

Change log  1.05.3

* Full support for wide screens.
* Sound the Battle
* Improve the mechanics of the game
* Improvements in interefeysom
* Reduce the size of the game
* Error correction
* Support for English, Russian, Slovak, German, French and Czech language

New features:

* Full WqVGA & WVGA screen support
* Shooting animation + catapult in combat
* Added sounds in combat
* Reduced map size - all localizations are stored in a single map file

Gameplay changes:

* Added sawmill and ore mine to the Wizard and Warlock castle
* Heroes' starting skills were modified
* Improved necromancy formula
* Resurrection tweak - the amount of HP recovered was doubled

Interface changes:

* Enhanced Main Menu
* Enhanced Map choice dialog - sorting can now be inversed
* Enhanced Puzzle map - Ultimate Artifact is no longer placed in the center
* Enhanced Survey mode - hand mode is now available for this view
* Enhanced Minimap
* Left-handed mode is back in the setting
* Quicksave can be assigned to device button
* Enhanced Spellbook - spell damage info present


* AI now fights the guards put on Artifact
* Fixed errors with order of displaying text events
* Minor typo fixe
* Slovak translation corrected
* Witch Hut dialog tweak
* Corrected artifacts' description
* Fixed a bug with two troops occupying the same hex in combat
* Fixed a bug when +1000 gold timed event gets +1000 ore after 2 week
* Fixed a bug relating game crash if device is in sleep mode for a long time
* Fixed a crash after adjusting volume
* Fixed Plagues and player morale bug
* Fixed cavalry bonus - Jousting bonus now works as in description
* Fixed mana vortex - more than one hero gets its mana doubled per week


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Illodemiur v1.99.2.29923 online ppc

[PPC] Illodemiur online windows phone 6.5
[Last updated 28.10.2010]
Requirements: WM5-6.5;. NET CF 2 All resolutions

Cross-platform online RPG in a fantasy style. Each player controls one team in the group can be from 1 to 4 characters. When you register, it selects the state for which to play. The game provides many options for initial skills, depending on the choice of class and state, and from the player's personal preference. You can also choose the sex and appearance of the character. The main goal of the game to make his character the most experienced and famous.

Players have complete freedom of action, unlimited opportunities for self-fulfillment and communicating with other players. The hero, having a class time there is an opportunity to get new stage of development, class, join guilds and fight in tournaments to gain strength, trade, collect resources, make things and to participate in public life.

Compatibility: WM5-6.5;. NET CF 2

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Multiplayer Championship Poker 4.24 ppc

[PPC] Multiplayer Championship Poker 4.24 windows phone 6.5
Requirements: WM2003,WM5,6,6.5,6.5x All resolutions

Multiplayer Championship Poker - Implementation of the card game of poker with a Bluetooth multiplayer. Excellent 3D graphics, tournaments, a powerful AI.

Features Multiplayer Championship Poker:

* 3D graphics + VGA Support
* Bluetooth and infrared multiplayer
* Nice graphics
* 5 oponnentov
* Tournaments with a total of 29 opponents
* You can play for a man or a woman
* Guide poker strategy
* Powerful Artificial Intelligence
* Statistics
* Extensive settings
* Autosave

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